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Corona Warriors - Part 2

I bring you the second corona warrior, who is doing his might in the war against COVID-19 pandemic. Far away from the media gaze, a courageous boy - another incredible human being.

A filmmaker with a difference, Ritwik is a young man who brings awareness on social issues through animation. But filmmaking didn’t come easy to him. He was like any other kids of his age when he joined the school. Then he started having trouble with phonemic awareness and phonics. So reading didn't become automatic and stayed slow and laboured. As he struggled against his challenges and heaps of humiliation, he suffered and got frustrated. Childhood was sorrowful. But his family didn’t give up.

Ritwik was finally diagnosed with Dyslexia. Remedial programs and support from family members kept him going. He discovered his ability to make films. Then, pursued courses in animation in Bhubaneswar, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

In these times of Corona Pandemic, Ritwik has made a film to create awareness on Corona Virus and the hygiene to be maintained. Today, Ritwik Das is the founder of Scioptic Studio and work. He aims to convey, through his animation films, social messages for creating a positive impact on the psychology and behaviour of people and particularly of the younger generation. Some of the themes he has brought forth very powerfully include caring for the elderly, sanitation and personal hygiene for a healthy life. He has created awareness on the rights of the disabled in and education for them. Many have been awarded nationally and internationally.

Dyslexia is not a disease. It's a condition someone is born with, and it often runs in families. People with dyslexia are not stupid or lazy. Most have average or above-average intelligence, and they work very hard to overcome their learning problems. Let’s click on the link and help Ritwik Das win the film contest.

Synopsis: Lets' Fight Corona Together.

Director: Ritwik Das

Animation: Sudipta Das

Story & Animation: Subrat Bindhani

Production: Sciotics Studio & Works India

Made For My Film Project India- Quarantine Film Challenge



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